As you can see, we have a long history of EXCELLENT reviews for our Gig Harbor Chiropractic Clinic.

2012 Reviews

I have been seeing Dr. Ahn and his staff for 3 months and can’t believe the progress we have made! I’ve seen other chiropractors in the past but none of them have helped me to the extent Unison Chiropractic has. I love that they work as a team (chiropractor & physical therapist) to relax and work on problem areas. Everyone is very friendly and I always look forward to my appointments. I leave feeling so much better than when I arrive.
I have felt pressured by previous chiropractors who seem to be in it for the money. Dr. Ahn is very caring and has never made me feel that way. Their main goal is to help heal and teach you ways to strengthen and stretch proplem areas.They spend lots of one on one time with you (every visit) which sets them them far above in my book!
I would recommend this practice to ANYONE who needs chiropractic care. Give them a try, you won’t be sorry!
My husband and I started seeing Dr. Ahn about 8 months ago after having a bad experience with our previous chiropractor. We both have made significant progress in a very short amount of time. Our last chiropractor seemed to rush us through our appointments, and we felt like we were being run through a “Chirofactory”. Dr. Ahn has always taken a tremendous amount of time in each treatment setting to answer questions and give us an amazing experience each time. His staff members are all incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly. We have, and will always recommend Dr. Ahn to anyone looking for a great chiropractor.
For all my local friends, this is my chiropractor, Dr. Robert Ahn, with Unison Chiropractic in Gig Harbor. I’ve been to many chiropractors–and some aren’t that good–but Dr. Ahn is the BEST. Check out his video and go see him if you are in pain! Also, Jorrell Elbo, is the BEST massage therapist I have ever had so hit him up if you want a massage!
Dr Ahn is the very, very best chiropractor I have ever known; and his staff is over-the-top wonderful!
It’s like magic! Thank you Dr. Robert Ahn.!!!! Walked in limping, walking out with no limp. For all you athletes and none athletes that have problems holding you back, stop wasting time and make an appointment!
This is without a doubt the best chiropractor I have ever been to! I Have gone for several years and cannot say enough about how much they (includes physical therapy), have helped my back,neck,numbness in arm, and more! Dr. Ahn and his staff make me feel so warm and welcome it’s like visiting friends. But the best thing is RESULTS. Before I go on a trip I try to see them as much as I can so hopefully I don’t have to rely on a stranger to ” tune” me up. I used to believe all they did was crack you, but this is so different–I have never felt so good, rarely do I have a back problem anymore. Certainly changed my mind about chiropractors!!

2011 Reviews

I highly recommend Dr. Ahn and his staff. They have helped me tremendously! It’s never fun experiencing pain but they helped me to achieve the best results possible in a very caring way.
I have been going to Dr Ahn for many years. He has helped relieve my back and neck pain and has helped me deal with headaches. Everyone in the office is so caring and thoughtful. My daughter also goes to Dr Ahn and makes an appointment each time she comes home from college. Thanks Dr Ahn for caring for us for so long. You are a blessing to us.
The one and only chiropractor that has ever healed me! Dr. Ahn’s attention to detail and sincere desire to help people make him top notch in my book.